Top 5 Best Tasting Kratom Beverages You Can Make At Home!

Updated: Aug 18

It's no secret that Kratom does not have the greatest flavor profile. The good news is that there are endless possibilities for masking that bitter taste. We’re going to share the most popular homemade Kratom drink options with you, some of which may even have additional benefits beyond general flavor improvement! So lets get to it:

  1. Kratom Coffee - Kratom and Coffee are like the Rockstars of the Rubicea Family of plants. Think John Lennon and Paul McCartney. As solo acts they are wonderful, and they each have their own special qualities, but when they work together, the result is something spectacular! This is why many Kratom consumers choose to add Kratom to their daily Coffee. There are many benefits to this beverage choice, including the fact that coffee and kratom may amplify each other’s effects. This means that you can and should use less of both. In fact it’s recommended to cut your normal kratom intake in half when preparing it with coffee. The only consideration is that while the taste of coffee may overpower that of kratom, it still does have a predominantly bitter flavor profile, so you may need extra cream or sweetener when adding kratom to your coffee. Many choose to brew the kratom powder and coffee directly together, but you may also separately brew some plain kratom tea (see next) and combine it with your brewed coffee after the fact.

  2. Kratom Tea - This is one of the oldest known methods of consumption and is specifically popular in Southeast Asia, where Kratom originates from. It is an excellent method for those who find the bitter flavor of kratom particularly unmanageable. It can be made hot or cold and there are limitless options for masking the taste of kratom. You can make your kratom tea plain or add your favorite tea bag to the brew, chai tea is a particularly popular choice for counteracting the bitter flavor. You can also blend it with honey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, cinnamon, or cream. It is recommended that you add a wedge of lemon or lime to the water before brewing, as the acidity will prevent the deterioration of the alkaloids in kratom during the heating process. Most commonly the powder is added directly to the water, but you can also use a tea infuser. Some choose to leave the powder in the tea, where most will settle to the bottom, but if you want to avoid the texture and/or added bitterness, then simply use a tea infuser or remove the powder after brewing using a cheesecloth or strainer.

  3. Kratom With Grapefruit or Orange Juice - Any mixologist in the world will tell you that citrus is an excellent method of masking undesirable flavors. This is part of the reason why many kratom fans choose to use a glass of grapefruit or orange juice as the vessel for their kratom intake. However there may be an added bonus to this method as well! Kratom alkaloids are soluble in citric acid, which makes these alkaloids more readily available as well as boosting their effects. This means that less kratom is needed to achieve your desired results. Simply add your preferred amount of kratom powder to an 8 oz glass of either grapefruit or orange juice and enjoy!

While these are all great kratom beverage options, you will still have to mix, measure, brew, and create them for yourself. Not a huge deal, but if you’re in a rush or are feeling particularly unmotivated, you may want an easier option. At New Age Herbal we’ve got you covered with grab and go premium Kratom shots, like our Kratom Pomegranate Super Tea Shots from Urban Ice Organics. No measuring or mess, just quality Kratom in an easy to gulp pomegranate shot. Stop in to our Caldwell storefront to check out our entire selection of pure quality Kratom powders, capsules, and shots. Planning on doing some experimentation with different kratom recipes? Ask about our bulk kratom options! Our knowledgeable team is looking forward to serving all of your kratom needs!

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