Essential Oils - What's That Delicious Smell?

Updated: Aug 18

Essential Oils are specific concentrated compounds that have been extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits and various other plants. They are extracted through the process of distillation, cold pressing, or other mechanical methods. You can find all the most popular essential oils at New Age Herbal right here in Caldwell, Idaho!

Essential oils capture the essence of the scent and flavor of the plant they have been extracted from, thus creating unique and pleasant aromas. Once they have been combined and properly diluted with a carrier oil, they are ready for use via aromatherapy or skin application. When applied externally some of the plant compounds can be absorbed through the skin. When essential oils are inhaled, either directly or through the use of a vaporizer, diffuser or humidifier, they can stimulate areas of the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system has a vital role in effecting emotions, behavior, long-term memory, and sense of smell.

You may have already realized that smells can trigger vivid memories from your own personal experience. This is the limbic system working on the formation and recollection of memories. In this way, essential oils can not only be a pleasant and aromatic experience, but may also help you to remember the first time you ever tasted a lemon, added cinnamon to your hot cocoa, or stopped to smell the roses. Who doesn’t want to hold on to those small joyful moments that so often pass by unnoticed? So next time you’re feeling nostalgic, stop in to New Age Herbal in Treasure Valley and explore our excellent collection of High Quality Essential Oils!

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