CBD: Consumption and Absorption

Updated: Aug 18

We hear the question all the time: “What's the best way to take CBD?” With so many different CBD options available, it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose the best product for your needs. The reality is that there is no one size fits all recommendation, and what works best for you may not work the same way for another. Every body functions differently and every person who takes CBD has their own unique set of circumstances. With that being said, we wanted to give you some insight into the most popular consumption methods and how they might effect your CBD experience.

In order for CBD to have an internal effect, it must first find its way into the bloodstream. From there it can be carried throughout the body to interact with the endocannabinoid receptors. The method of consumption has a major effect on the speed of this process. Let’s take a look at the difference between inhalation, ingestion, sublingual use, and topical application of CBD.


When you smoke or vape CBD it is immediately delivered to your lungs which have a large surface area for absorption directly into the bloodstream. This means that you will absorb a higher percentage of the available CBD and that it will go to work almost instantly. This is an excellent option for those who want fast results, although the effects will not last as long as some other consumption methods. At New Age Herbal we carry a wide variety of quality lab tested inhalable CBD products; including multiple flavors of CBD pre-rolls and disposable CBD vape pods from Bluum Lab.


Ingesting CBD is one of the most common methods, it is easy, convenient, and allows for better serving control. When you swallow CBD it does have a longer journey to reach the bloodstream. It must first journey through the digestive tract. The cannabidiol concentration can be reduced during this process as it is broken down in both the stomach and liver. Swallowing CBD with fatty acids reduces the rate of breakdown, which is why many edible products include MCT oils or other fatty acids. With ingestibles it may take up to 2 hours for the CBD to take effect and you may not absorb as much CBD as with other methods. The effects will last longer however, meaning you won’t have to consume more CBD for up to eight hours. This is a great method for those who are looking for lasting effects and a higher level of control over the amount of CBD they are taking. You are guaranteed to find your favorite flavor of CBD at New Age Herbal. Whether you prefer CBD Hard Candies from Bluum Lab, CBD Gummies, CBD Coffee, or CBD Protein Powder from Creating Better Days, or CBD capsules from Canna Hemp, we have got you covered!


Taking CBD sublingually is one of the most popular and effective methods. It involves placing CBD drops or candy under the tongue and holding it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows the CBD to be absorbed by the mucous membranes in the bottom of your mouth which then deliver the CBD directly to your bloodstream. Since it does not pass through the digestive system it goes to work almost immediately (usually within 5-20 mins) and does not get broken down in the stomach or liver before entering the bloodstream. The effects may also last longer than inhalation, though not as long as ingestion. The greatest reported benefit to sublingual use is the higher rate of absorption, or the bioavailability, as apposed to other consumption methods. You can use less CBD since your body is able to absorb a higher percentage of what you consume. This is a preferred method for those who wish to maintain ultimate control over their servings and who don’t wish to have to take multiple servings throughout the day. At New Age Herbal we offer an unmatched selection of CBD Tinctures, including CBD Tinctures + Terpenes for additional benefits from Canna Hemp and Nano CBD Tinctures with up to 1000mg of CBD from Creating Better Days. No matter what your CBD goals are, we will help you find the CBD tincture that fits your needs!


Topical CBD products are not intended to provide internal benefits by delivering CBD to the bloodstream. The purpose of any topical CBD product is to provide targeted benefits to specific external areas of the body. Topical products should be applied liberally to allow for maximum absorption and penetration. Since our pores open up when exposed to warm or hot water, many people choose to apply topical CBD products directly after bathing or showering to increase the absorption rate. You can even find premium CBD Bath Bombs from Canna Hemp at New Age Herbal! Topical application is best for those who wish to target a specific area of the body with concentrated CBD. You’ll find everything from CBD lotions and creams to CBD + Menthol roll ons when you shop at New Age Herbal in Caldwell, Idaho.

With new studies, research and innovations happening every day inside the CBD industry, we are excited to see what the next evolution of improved CBD absorption will be. Rest assured New Age Herbal will remain on the forefront, providing the people of Treasure Valley with the very best CBD products, information, and education available.

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