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Kava, also called Kava Kava, is a substance derived from the roots of the Piper Methysticum plant, a tall shrub that is native to the Pacific Islands and belongs to the pepper family of plants. The name Kava comes from the Polynesian word for bitter, which is ’awa’. While there is no record of the initial discovery or first use of Kava by Native Pacific Islanders, there are historical references that confirm the presence and use of Kava on the islands dating back as far as 1616. This first record came from Dutch navigators visiting the island of Futuna. There is also a botanical drawing of Kava present in the archives at the Natural History Museum in London which dates to 1769. It is estimated that Kava has been used by Pacific Islanders for more than 3,000 years. It has been utilized traditionally as a sacred drink in religious ceremonies, consumed by Chiefs and other high ranking individuals, and was also commonly used by medicine men or Kahunas. It is an integral piece of the cultural heritage and traditions of these South Pacific Islands, including Fiji, Hawaii, and Tonga.

Kava is traditionally prepared by grinding or pulverizing the root into a fiberous paste. Water or coconut water is then strained through the paste to create a tea like beverage. Finally it is served in a large communal bowl. More modern forms of Kava are now available throughout the US, including ground kava root, kava powder, kava capsules, kava chocolate, and kava tea. 

The active ingredients in Kava are known as kavalactones. 18 kavalactones have been currently identified. Kavalactones are believed to interact with the limbic system of the brain by binding to the receptors present there. Kava is reported to have a calming effect attributed to these kavalactones. With further research and studies being performed regularly, we are learning more about Kava and the potential benefits of individual kavalactones every day.

Kava is now available at New Age Herbal in Caldwell, ID! As with all of our carefully selected products, we uphold a rigorous standard of quality for our Kava suppliers so you can shop confidently. We provide only the highest quality herbal and botanical options including CBD, Kratom, Essential Oils, and our newest addition: Kava! We work hard to ensure that the products we sell are always carefully cultivated, harvested, and processed with our valued customers in mind. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your New Age Herbal experience from start to finish! Stop in to our Caldwell location here in beautiful Idaho and check out our NEW selection of Kava products!

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